The Colours of my Gaze is about the role of the image-maker in the photographs concerning cultural representations of the Other.

I concluded that to change narratives of others that are influenced by power relations, I had to investigate my role in my
images and try to visualize and recognise it, to change it. This series amplifies the power relations of colourism, the positive narrative that is present in my current body of work. This iterative body of work is an interplay of agency and power relations, as I gradually let the people I photographed decide certain aspects of the image, from the styling to the posing and movements during the shoots. This project is very much a collaboration with all the people I photographed, as I gave them the responsibility to have a voice in their representation. However, that is within the narrative I wanted to tell, as my photographs of black and mixed people are made with the conscious intention of positive storytelling. A narrative that explores a sense of playfulness, beauty and freedom.

This is a collaboration with all people I photographed.