REBIRTH OF COOL is an ongoing project that speaks on the relationship of race and masculinity through aesthetics, fashion and through architecture. It is about the subtlety of the masculine and the playfulness of the black male identity. The photos are inspired by Reflections on Essence by Wales Bonner and visual studies on the representation of the black man. A combination of streetwear and luxury design plays a subtle role in the take on masculine fashion. In the contrasting black and neutral colors with the backdrop of white architecture, we see how stylishness makes the black man visible on their own terms on the streets of West London.

Collaborated with: Yunji Kim (stylist), Grace (stylist), Lemar Vega and Nosa Okonedo from Nevs Models, Brandon Brereton (model), Dhenze (designer brand), Marc Mok (designer), Shir Minikes (designer), Gun Intree (retoucher)